Gems help for endgame

I have a problem. I have only 2863 gems, am on brawl levels 4 kithgaurd, 6 forest, 4 desert and 3 cloudrip. I have only the best, (I’m not subscribed and can’t) from engraved dragon armor, the sword of the temple guard, twilight glasses, the hero Ned, and other things (look at picture below). I have also completed every level for a non subscriber. Can anyone help?

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So, What you could do is reset your progress and do all the levels that you have done again. Other than that you can’t really do anything else besides AI leagues whenever they come out and wait for the volcano world to be released to the public. I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions, just ask and i will answer them to the best of my ability.

Also, welcome back to the Discourse. Glad to see you here again

that allows you to play some sub levels

also gets you a pet too

Those won’t work unless you are a sub.

They actually will… but no sharing exploits pls @s108012_12

I would recommend doing more of the optional levels like the brawls as you can get lots of gems that way.

Or you could try asking a parent for a subscription to CodeCombat so you can get max amount of levels done.

Thanks bro! I got the 6k coins for the paladin ring and got a cougar pet! (By the way, what do you think is the best pet?)

blue fox can shapeshift i think it is the best

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no shot, if you dont wanna buy anything go for wolf pup it has a passive catch projectile ability that works about 20% of the time with out code.

You can have kithgard brawl 11 with okar

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Ohhhhh… that is a lot of ogres.

Haha, yes, i have some strats here if you wanna know
i know this is realy hard


Or you could buy it yourself… plus sub is kinda expensive when you don’t have 60% discount

Yeah, I don’t think even Usara with boss star 4 and good code could do that without struggling

Or Ritic with max gear for that matter

You can

Climb on the wall

and summon a bomb
swap power with the bomb
then attack the enemy

No, (@)bryukh said that the explosion damage of a robobomb is different from the attackDamage, so therefore you would just make yourself weaker by swapping

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