[Solved] GEM Reset Request

Hello CodeCombat! I am an experienced coder who’s been on CodeCombat for some time now. I have gotten to the last level on Sarven Desert, and I have a great strategy, but before I head on to the next world, I would like to request a Gem Reset so I can buy better equipment. It’s fine if you don’t, but I really would appreciate it if you did.
Thanks, MetalSaturn8727

You should mail that to CoCo in the request button

In the game…(200000)

Where? I don’t see one.

what exactly do you mean by a gem reset?

Also, don’t call nick. call @maka for help with this

Here —>

Ok thanks. I just saw someone else do this, and I really thought I could too. Sorry for any inconvenience to users.

Right next to the log out option

please edit your post and delete nick.

I did, thanks. I really needed your help.

I am now offically rich!

I didnt find the contact button, however.

Itis right there. Look at my screenshot


I don’t think non-subscribers have the contact button.

Ohhhhh. I forgot their email adresss but ill search around for it

its team@codecombat.com that is there email adress @MetalSaturn8727
may i ask why you want all of your gems to be deleted

No, I want to refund all my gear

Also, i want a diferent profile pic

On where? (20 charecters)