New E-Sports League Page + Blazing Battle Arena

E-Sports League Page

Coding has never been so EPIC before! Compete against other players in a multiplayer coding league to bring home awesome prizes and show everyone who’s the king! Our e-sports seasons are divided into multiple arenas. Our first one, Infinite Inferno Cup, is active right now, lasting from January to April.

How to Join

After you’ve accessed the league page, scroll down until you see a Join Now button. Click on that button, and you’ll see the following:

Fill the form out, and you’re ready to take home some epic loot!


There will be 3 seasons to prepare for the Grand Arena. The season dates are listed below:

The current arena is Blazing Battle.

Blazing Battle Arena

Our first arena of our season, Blazing Battle, is available to play! Compete against other players in a tower-defense arena! Click here to go to the Blazing Battle Ladder Page! Read more about the Arena and methods in the Hints Guide included in the ladder level!