New equipment isn't staying on character between missions

I picked up the Steel Striker shield and the Worn Dragonplate helm and have used them in a couple of missions. (Sarven Brawl, Yakstraction, The Great Yak Stampete) and have had to re-equip them each time as the equip state isn’t saving.

They aren’t restricted on these levels. It’s not game breaking, since they can be re-equipped each time.

Are you going forward to missions you haven’t played before, or back to older missions that you had played with older gear? It should remember your gear for new levels, but it should keep the older gear you had when you last played a level you’d already started. Is that what’s happening, perhaps?

Aw. I see. It must have been from going back to the replayable missions with the new equipment.

I just took my Samurai back to world 1 mission 1 and some of the new equipment stayed and some of the old from my prior very first hero equipped.

thanks :slight_smile: