Disappearing items

I bought Steel Striker and other assorted armor, and it’s available in advanced levels, but when I return to an earlier level, where I didn’t have Steel Striker, it is no longer available! Why is this?

It’s probably restricted on lower levels. You should see some greyed out items below your available items. If the Steel Striker is there, it’s a campaign-limitation which you can’t bypass and which is intended.

If your items are still gone, please post again a screenshot where they are available and one where they are missing.

The thing is, it’s not restricted. Instead, it’s back inside the store.

Hmm! Do you see the Steel Striker back in the shop on all levels, or just some earlier ones?

In all levels. In levels in which I didn’t have the Steel Striker at the time, it is already back in the store. In levels where I do, if I unequip it, it reappears back in the store.

Well, I can reset all your purchases, if you want. That’ll make sure that you have the amount of gems you haven’t, even if it sounds like you might have bought the Steel Striker at a time when the purchase wasn’t saving correctly. Just let me know.

Can you please do that, Nick? Thanks!

Sure! Try now. It won’t unequip all your items, but you won’t be able to re-equip previously purchased items until you repurchase them.