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Changed hero, but now my character doesn't wear any equipment


I recently changed my hero, but now none of the equipment I own shows on my character. Does equipment usually show on a character or no?


It should. Did you try and re-equip the character?

I know when I switch between Tharin and Alejandro the gear will stay with the hero and stay equipped.

Is this a hero from the pay service? Is that hero allowed to wear the same equipment? I know the spell casters and rangers have different tiers of equipment to purchase…


Yeah, I re-equipped and everything. I forget though, are you able to visually see the gear the avatar in-game, or is it just the buffs that the avatar receives from the gear?


In the game, no, I have never seen where different equipment makes you look differently.


Okay gotcha. Thanks. My memory is so horrible. I just started playing again after a year.