New level for testing - Deadly Practices

I have just created a new level called deadly practices where player aims to defeat the ogres (melee) by range via implementation of ‘kiting’.

I am thinking of adding secondary objectives such as maximum number of casualties the player can have.

Feel free to try it and provide me with feedback and suggestion.

Pretty simple, straightforward and fun, I like it.

The kiting strategy—a.k.a. hit and run—is very useful in several levels (mostly repeatable/brawl levels, though). I guess it would be nice to put this level as one of the first vector levels.

I gave the level a play. Works well in the glacier with the Vector stuff we are doing there!

Here are some things I noticed:

  1. Camera bounds could be improved to only show the battlefield.
  2. There is no failure state for all the Griffin Riders dying.
  3. Since the player is on the wall, they need the Twilight Glasses to see their allies and enemies.

There are a few other things related to the Tasks, so take a bit to check the Task Tab and see if you can complete them!

I am not quite sure on how to add the failure state if all Griffin Riders died.
I also met with another problem where some ogres continues to target the hero and I am not sure on how to prevent the ogres from targeting the hero.

I added the optional task for all griffin rider survive and requirement for no coding error

I implemented a very simple strategy (if distance < ... move pos.x+... else attack) which is enough to beat the level. A more decent strategy would work better. My remarks:

  • the chieftain may be a bit too strong here (on a second thought, not really)
  • the guide or default code (when there will be some) should explain basic kiting tactics

Otherwise it’s a great level to teach kiting!

update: I just realized that I used basically the same strategy already on the level “Reaping Fire” (which is a very similar setup), so this could be part of the mountain campaign and/or there could be a more difficult version in the glacier world (with more complex terrain, where the use of vectors is really needed)

I have increased the difficulty and this makes the simple strategy of (if distance < ... move pos.x+... else attack) to be less viable to be implemented. (added 2 more chieftain :slightly_smiling: )

This will allow the players to utilize vectors to complete the level (getting simple strategy to work here is extremely difficult). The level will be different from “Reaping Fire” as player also have to detect collision near walls in order to survive.