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New level for testing - Ogre Rugby


I created a level called Ogre Rugby please feel free to test it and provide me with some feedback.

Editor Link

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Run, Nalfar, run!

Seriously, in which Rugby-game are you required to kill the enemy team?

Overall an extremely nice decorated level and a nice idea. I learned that in a rugby-match you can not simply run to the enemy goal and score a point but you have to tackle the whole team as well while the referee knocks down your own team (nope, touching the referee is still not allowed)… Quite confusing, but you never stop to learn.

Speaking clear now:
I like the formations you set up for the player though it is clearly imbalanced in favor of the humans (as far as I could see). Also I wouldn’t expect the referee to openly assist a team. Maybe make him never attack but only say things like “If you hit me one more time you’ll be removed from the place”. He can still stay in the Ogre-Team so the player has to filter, at least in my opinion.
Also the really close camera gives you a nice feeling of speed and action as you can not see the whole field and sometimes enemies come from out of view to face you out of the blue. Maybe other players want to see the whole field though, maybe think about changing it.

EDIT: Derp, using the mouse-wheel is way to pro. Camera setup is just fine.

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The level was really fun. I am a bit curious as to what kinds of coding concepts you think the player should use in your envisioned straightforward solution-that would help me place it in the campaign. (Currently thinking second half of mountain.)

I do agree that it doesn’t really feel like rugby other than looking like a rugby field. The version I played still had the ogres attacking the yeti, this made it difficult and maybe a little more interesting as I had to protect a dude that was trying to kill me. I ended up winning by summoning skeletons and having them hang out on the enemy side so that when the second half started the yeti wasn’t the nearest enemy for the ogres.

I found it a fun, but overall very easy level. A simple code along these lines will make you succeed:

  • command friends to attack the nearest enemy (but skip the yeti)
  • move hero to red X
  • then move hero to white X

I lost less then 400 hp, without even summoning help…

We probably need to balance it so that the ogre players are stronger; scouts are weaker than soldiers and throwers are weaker than archers, so with the hero involved, the ogre sides need more power (even if they do get two sets of players).

One thing that could be deadly: adding an Ogre Chieftain to mirror the player hero. Or replacing the throwers with shamans. Or maybe replacing the front line of scouts with Ogre Fs. What do you think, @HanSolo?

Adding a chieftain would be an overkill (pun intended), but replacing scouts with ogres would be probably OK.

Hi I made some changes:

Added stronger Ogres and upped the power of the wave to 300.

Nick feel free to change back or delete this version.

@HanSolo: The level seems much harder now with brawlers and female ogres (probably too hard?). But I’m not here to complain about that.

Rather to report a bug:

find the mistake in the picture!

(yes, I obviously summoned some help…)


Hi @ant

I fixed the bug. Please try again.

I’d try the level if it didn’t require a subscription. It does look nice in the editor though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the part about removing/simplifying “unnecessary doodad collision” means you should set the collision category to “none” for every frozen object and market stand in the audience.