New Sight problem

My problem is completing the task " < 3 lines of code"

my code used is (with line numbers)

1 self.moveUp()
2 loop: self.attack(“Door”)

^^^^ this is apparently not short enough for the task mentioned above
the game wont let me continue without completing ALL tasks even bonus tasks…
if i move all the code to 1 line the task is marked as complete but i dont have to run the code to figure out that it isn’t going to work.

so its only giving me 1 line to work with. which just isn’t really possible.

Good point. The trick here is that you don’t need to moveUp. But that’s not the important part; the important part is using a loop. I’ve now modified it so that it’s < 4 lines of code. If you run through the level again, you should get the achievement.

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thanks ill try it out now

i guess i didn’t need moveUp but still my code was less than 3 lines.
it added moveUp in default code so i thought i needed it.
thanks for the help!
i was able to solve it without changing my code.