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Level: Forgetful Gemsmith


This is one of our newly created levels and we would love to get your feedback about how fun/interesting it is. Bugs? Usability issues? Post 'em here.


Level makes fun :smile - good to train the moving-codes. But where are the stairs (“grab the gems and GO TO THE STAIRS”)?? So I can’t finish the level. Its not about the coding - this is not so difficult, but the finding stairs is ;-). A bug is in the right corner (black and white tiles with an “X”).

Hope my commentar helped you.


Now it worked :-). The black and white tiles were gone and so I found the stairs and reached the level :-). Did you fix it? Or was it coincidence that the bug with the tiles were gone?


I have to agree here, I recognized that I needed to go to the far right, but some of my students were wondering where to find the stairs. Need a graphic of stairs! Or need to change the goal to “exit in the east”.


We are waiting on the staircase art from our illustrator, so I put a placeholder “X” in there instead for now!


Ok, I’m trying for the bonus points for < 9 lines of code and I’m not sure how to do it.

I assumed that self.moveRight(2) would invoke the line 2 times and by using that and self.moveDown(2) I would be at 8 lines.

My question is, how would I as a user of codecombat and new to python be able to discover a single line looping mechanism.

Or am I missing something more basic?


Oh, and now a bug report.
I got the “< 9 lines of code” bonus for the following 10 line program

# Grab the gems and go to the stairs.


Oh, and duh, I was looking at the raw line count and was not taking the comment and blank line into account.


Yes, it (naturally) seems that players look at the line numbers, think about the lines of code limit, and think that every line counts, whereas it’s actually counting “unique statements executed”–which is a better metric, because it doesn’t count comment lines, blank lines, or lines that you’ve written but don’t use.

I just don’t know how to express that in a tiny goal such that players know what’s really being counted. Ideas?


Possibly a comments section, or a notes section.

To stay with the theme you could have a discussion between 2 characters there is a difference between lines of code, and line numbers.

It’s a tough concept, I’m not sure how to explain the value of white space and comments in the context of a game.

Possibly a side game, or an add on (2017 anyone?) where wizards are writing and maintaining "battle code."
Seeing the value of good coding practices inside of a sub-100-line hunk of code is a challenge.

That’s before we even start talking about TDD or BDD … actually, now that I think about it, we’re demonstrating BDD in each and every scenario. Is there a link to the artisan tools? I’d like to see the course work we have in that arena.

Have I mentioned how cool you guys have made code-combat?


Good point; we could definitely teach lines of code in their own level. But I think then we’d have to wait until we had room for that level to start using line-of-code-limit bonus goals. Hmm.

If you’re just talking about the level editor, you can edit any level from here:



Clojure mode - 8 instructions fails <9 check:
(.moveRight this)
(.moveUp this)
(.moveRight this)
(.moveRight this)
(.moveDown this)
(.moveDown this)
(.moveUp this)
(.moveRight this)




@tedewen Tracking that bug here:



Whenever I re-play a level, I submit finished click “Save Progress” button does not respond