New User Profile View

Reworked Profile Page!

The old /user profile page was becoming pretty boring, and there wasn’t anything special about it. However, with the new profile page, you can see:

  • Levels Completed
  • Heroes Unlocked
  • CodePoints & Gems
  • Hero and Inventory
  • Contributor Badges
  • Contribution Stats

New Profile

You can now view levels completed, heroes unlocked, code points, and the total number of gems. Use this to show off your progress!

New Inventory Tab

Under the profile tab, you will see a section for the player inventory. You can see what hero, weapon, and armor the player is using! Use it to show off your cool gear!

Contribution Badges

If you have contributed a certain amount, you’ll be rewarded with a contributor badge. It’s a way to show others you’ve really helped us out! In the future, tiers will be added to these badges so there’s a better sense of progression. Good luck getting all of them!

Contributor Stats

Wanna see how much you’ve contributed to CodeCombat? There’s a new contributor tab below the achievements table that shows what kind of contributions you’ve done.

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