New to CodeCombat - Couple of questions

My first question is, is there a list of members/functions for the various objects/api?
For example: is available from (level 1? I stumbled upon it by accident later trying things). What else is available in hero? I googled a LOT and couldn’t find anything.
Likewise, enemies, items, spells etc.

I’m only into the second world, so some things are just not available to me, is there any way to test if a command is available to me?
For example: As a warrior, hero.attackRange doesn’t exist, so I’ve coded it only to use that, if I’m a trapper (hero.type, which was again a random guess to see if it existed).

I assume there is no way to have any includes in this? I’d guess many people have an object or a bunch of functions they copy/paste and use into many of the maps. Was hoping to cut out the copy/pasting.

I had a few other questions also, but I procrastinated signing up for these forums so I have forgotten them.

Thanks for any information.

Hello @Kannkor, sorry for the late reply. It’ll return an error if you tried to test a command which is not yet available to you. and other things will be available for unlock at higher levels when you gain access to the amulet stones. The more you level up, the more advanced items you will get access to as well as better gear and equipment