No activity on discourse?

I have notifications on for basically everything, and for the last few days, there has been almost no activity…

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happens during the weekends

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During the summer it will be going faster hopefully

I am more worried about drop in CoCo related activity.

I mean look at the list. Even the usually active threads like idea suggestion are silent.

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Sometimes, but it hasn’t gone down THIS much in my experience

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Yeah, most posts are off-topic

Back in my day, everyone was on the #adventurer threads, and the Doritos topic wasn’t 90% spam.


I remember that too…

There’s activity now :slight_smile:

You know, this lull could be partly because they took away the free levels.


Yes, this is quite likely. Probably the level related topics are going to die out soon as most of them exist and there is a small amount of new users coming in.


ah, the good old days of the general off-topic. but yes I agree, the discourses activity has fallen so much that even the everything pm is silent.

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*starts spamming new levels


Lol, please do, as long as they’re good

Yeah it’s been less active than before(Peak was at ~2017-ish) A few months ago, the link to the forum on the main page changed from a tab in the navigation bar at the top to a small link at the footer(bottom of page), so that explains why there are less new users(Hence, less activity)


Hmm, why was it changed?