No level editors i mean real ones not players are not checking my levels

I waited for 56 days, this issue keeps on happening. Nobody checks my levels. Not even the chief artisan
They didn’t add a refree stub, nor an achievement. They didn’t even add it to the map. :sob:

The level editor is quite real. It is actually how all levels are made and patched in the game. If you’d like to contribute your levels to the game, there are a few things you could do to improve your success.

Regarding it being added to the map. That only happens for the levels made specifically for the campaign or special events. That takes working with the other artisans and meeting the goals of codecombat as a community. Just because your level is made doesn’t mean that it necessarily belongs on the map, but any level can be played whether it is on the map or not.

@nick or @Catsync or any of the other artisans would be able to provide further direction for you.


I believe you right!