No longer able to progress. No new missions indicated

Hi there,

I am not sure if this right or maybe I have got to the end of the free to play.

I am 20/43 on Kithgard and Backwood Forest 42/70.

There used to be an arrow pointing which level to play next. Now there is only 1 on Forest pointing at paid mission “Boom! And Bust” and in Sarven desert there is the same situation arrow points at paid mission “The Dunes”. I unable to play any new missions.

Also in my opinion the dungeons link from Backwood Forest to the Dungeon does not work.

Loving the game!

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Hey Chaz, click the red level in the desert (The Mighty Sand Yak) to proceed along the free track.

Can you explain a bit more about the link from forest -> dungeon? I was able to click the arrow and go back; is that part not working for you?


Perhaps it is related to this issue?


Thank you for your response. Zooming in very far (25%) allowed me to access the new mission on the Sarven desert and the back arrow to the first dungeon.

The video in the linked thread helped me if anyone reading this has the same problem.

Is there a way to flag/ticket this or just this forum?


Happened to me too. Works better when its zoomed out really far.