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New User: Bug, Can get to the Forest but cannot play forest level,,


Why can’t I get to the next world, the Forest? When I click on the first level of the Forest, it says for subscribers but, I’m pretty sure its for free. Can anyone help? If so, thanks!

Backwoods Forest - Free account - error with the first level?

Did you finish the last level in the Dungeon?

It unlocks the first one in the Forest, Defense of Plainswood.


I have the same problem.
Without premium, you have access to 100+ basic levels. There are 13 levels in the Dungeon.
Second of all, Defense of Plainswood is a premium level.


Defense of Plainswood is a free level.

Boom and Bust on the other hand is a premium level.

Be sure to mouse over the levels to see their names.