Number-representation level help

heys, guys, i am having some problems with ths level, here’s the link.
code =

# Numbers in programming can be represented in many ways!
# In programming you can specify them using certain prefixes.
# The first example is done for you. Finish the rest to open all of the doors!
# For more info on how to convert the numbers, check out the Hints page.

# Convert this number to binary form. Do not include the prefix.
numberA = "1101"
# Say the value of numberA.
hero.say(0b1101) #  Make sure to remove quotation marks and include the prefix!
# Move to the next door.
# Convert this number to scientific form. 
numberB = "15000"
# Say the scientific format of numberB. Exclude quotation marks.
# Move to the next door.
# Convert this number to hexadecimal form. Do not include prefix.
numberC = "20"
# Say the Hexadecimal conversion of the number, and make sure to add the prefix.
# Convert this number to octal. Exclude prefix.
numberD = "163"
# Say the Octal representation of numberD to unlock the last door.
# Don't forget to add the prefix when you say the number.

I don’t know how to solve it:

what error are u having?
if u want to convert binary numbers to normal numbers, i can do the math for u

The level isn’t even official yet, why are you trying to solve it?

Cuz i just wanna earn gems, but i couldn’t get gems with finishing those levels

it’s .toExponential() in js, and in python maybe try calling format_e() on it?