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Official Clan List


If you love CodeCombat and you’re serious about progressing through the content, join Heavy Coders Elite. Looking for those Levels 15+ to form a community to discuss interesting solutions for late-game levels.

If you’re up for the challenge, join us.


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Sky Warriors!!! =


Like people don’t read:


Is no one else going to comment on the new multiplayer arenas feature for clans?
It seems like a good addition for giving clans more purpose and it provides a useful way to challenge specific users and no one else, which is useful for classrooms.
Maybe there should be a way to simulate matches for a specific clan. Additionally, the numbers on the graph at the top don’t match the actual scores of the members.


Can you give me a URL/screenshot of the problem where the score numbers don’t match? I’m working on this now and it’s super fresh; I’ll post more about it next week after I debug some more.

Edit: Oh, right, I see–the histogram data is wrong. I will fix.


It looks like matches between two members of one clan apply for all the other clans they are in as well as the global leaderboard. This could mean that the clans you are in could have an effect on the matchups in global matches, especially when simulating. (It says “You will mainly help simulate games for allied players in your clans and courses.”)

Three days ago I was matched with the same member of my clan 11 times. Matchups between the same person’s hero/ogre opponents might also be more common.

Private Clan? Looking to join!

Hi this is @Luke10 what is a clan for?

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I’m confused, so how exactly do you post your clan?, I have one but it’s just me in it :confused:


Me to :confused: :neutral_face:


I want to join my friends clan but I cannot find it. Can I search a clan name?


I’m afraid you cannot search for clan names yet. Ask your friend to send you an invite!



How do you send an invitation?


I have the same question.


OMG. There is an “invite” link on your profile page (before you ask: > account > profile)

I didn’t think it’s that hard…


Oh, Ok thanks.:blush::grimacing:


Thank you very much.


I have a few Qs:
Can I join multiple clans?
Can we PLEASE make private clans a thing without paying?


You can join multiple clans.

As for the second question, you should take up @nick.