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Official Clan List


Yeah, my clan is at It’s kind of new so it’d be nice if you joined it :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. I’ll try to join. Also now I have just created a new clan. Its at



How do you post? Is a reply a post? I really don’t know how to use this kind of forum!

In case anyone is looking to join a clan here is mine:


You just press the blue reply button to post in a topic and press the new topic button to create one. Read the FAQ to learn how to post your code and etc.


JOIN my clan


Join the slayer clan.







What doesn’t make sense is that people in low level are in there.


I’m level 32 there.
(20 chars)


I mean other people. I counted at least 10 level 3’s


Yeah I guess they asked their friends to join.





@Hellenar I joined your clan my name is gamestack the same name


My clan, the Weasel Warriors, won’t show up on the clan list and it’s just me.


@Hellenar and @Seojin_Roy_Lee I joined your clans, just saying. :grin:


Join The Kith Kin Guard: or in the clan list.

I am Deadpool198 and I’m level 38, on dueling grounds I’m 3rd on the red side, 1st on the blue, and I’m 10th on both sides of the multiplayer treasure grove.


  • you can play against your friends and other clan members and me directly.
  • you can exchange tactics and ideas on this hub: Kith Kin Guard Hub

Requirements for the Kith Kin Guard:

  • must be level 20 or above
  • must be on the sarven desert or beyond
  • must use the Hub, link here:
  • must be helpful and kind on the Hub

See you soon! :grin:


How do you see what level you are on?


You’re own level, or someone else’s? If it’s yours you should see when your on the map, next to your gems and when you get XP in a level it says 50 XP and above that bar it says level X.