Official Flower Grove Topic


oo nice it kinda also looks like the composite sword in shadow fight 2 XD


XD I just noticed that!!


I didn’t know what XD meant until I saw it on your post and asked my brother what it was. Ha Ha :laughing: XD


it only took me one day too


Oh I just moved my hero left to right. right to left etc. XD


i think that yours are really good they are a lot better than mine


you could just find you favourite pic in this topic that has the code with it and do that


Yeah but I was just too lazy.


me to i just wanted a pic so i could show my friends


I don’t think that is Python.


I moved my hero one pixel to the left and one pixel to the right a bunch of times, and I changed it


It is :slight_smile: That was just the old version of Python on CodeCombat back when they used self instead of hero.


you could still use self


yeah, but some things are glitchy if u use the old version.

For example, u can still use loop:, but there isn’t a drop down menu that auto completes your code


@Gamestack. That is a really cool lightning sword!


@Enderlord832 Thanks! :smiley:


No problem. (20 chars)


i can’t access it :disappointed_relieved:


sorry that it was hard for you try and find a topic called my code for flower grove



Random question, but how did you figure out the math involved to make a triangle?