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Official Flower Grove Topic


To make a random triangle, you need 3 random digits that add up to 180˚. Since a triangle’s total angle is 180˚. So the three random digits has to be the angles for the triangle, and if you also follow the pythagorean theorem, you should be able to make a triangle


Ok i don’t want this topic to die so i will post one of my art


Wait i got an improved one @everyone


My unfinished spiderman symbol


Wow, that’s pretty sick, it looks quite realistic, was it the time that stopped you?


Just get pender then.

Time shouldn’t be a problem.


Yeah, but it does spread out the flowers, depends on what you’re going for.


Does she drift after stopping? I don’t think so. (If this was to be true, devs spent a bit of time on physics)


Hey guys I’m Natsu Dragneel and I was wandering if one of you can make the FAIRYTAIL simbol If you can plz poast it on here plz and thanks :grinning::+1:


@Gamestack if you make it smaller you might be able to finish the spiderman symbol :grinning::grin::grinning:


i’ll think of doing it but it will be hard


its very good man


Please just click the like button instead of posting. It’s much better and will prevent spam


Plz make the FairyTail symbol out of flowers I’d be realy thankful if you do this is what it looks like11%20AM


Why don’t you make it? What’s stopping you?


I can’t subcribe if I need to and I am stuck on a level in the forest plus I suck at programing major projects like that


I’ll help you with the level if you want, you can PM me.
P.S. I’m gonna draw that logo.


Thanks man :grin::grin:


@Deadpool198 How’s the FairyTail symbole project going? will you make it out of flowers and will you post it on here?


I already have @Natsu, here it is:
I hope you like it, I didn’t quite take as much time for it as the Pender one, sorry. That’s why the lines are a bit wobbly.
:lion: :lion: :lion: