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To make a random triangle, you need 3 random digits that add up to 180˚. Since a triangle’s total angle is 180˚. So the three random digits has to be the angles for the triangle, and if you also follow the pythagorean theorem, you should be able to make a triangle


Ok i don’t want this topic to die so i will post one of my art


Wait i got an improved one @everyone


My unfinished spiderman symbol


Wow, that’s pretty sick, it looks quite realistic, was it the time that stopped you?


Just get pender then.

Time shouldn’t be a problem.


Yeah, but it does spread out the flowers, depends on what you’re going for.


Does she drift after stopping? I don’t think so. (If this was to be true, devs spent a bit of time on physics)


Hey guys I’m Natsu Dragneel and I was wandering if one of you can make the FAIRYTAIL simbol If you can plz poast it on here plz and thanks :grinning::+1:


@Gamestack if you make it smaller you might be able to finish the spiderman symbol :grinning::grin::grinning: