Offset in level What in Carnation

So I was able to complete the level “What in Carnation” however there was one element which I pretty much solved by guessing.

In order to complete the level I tried the draw the 2 spirals from the whiteX center position however the picture indicates the the center position is not the whiteX. First I tried changing the spiral function itself but without success. Later I added a new center position which was an offset of the whiteX and used that as the new center of the 2 spirals. (see picture)

It was this new offset position of which I simply guest the numbers. Was there any way that I could’ve solved this level without guessing the center coordinates of the 2 spirals? Or maybe there was I way to pinpoint the exact coordinates?


Hello @zanox89 Welcome back to the forum! That is a really cool picture that you drew!

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This level was player-built, so there might be imperfections. Not sure exactly though.

I think it is cool and also

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