Often code error

Hey, so I am learning with Java, and I often get code errors, about lines that are pre-written by the level-creators. Does anyone know why this happens and how I can solve it?

EDIT: The code-errors are about the ending of a specific line, for example when I create a function, with Java it should end with {
however, the error tells me a ; is missing

Sometimes I have to create functions, that is what the game tells me to, although in the list of commands it is not listed. I think this may be one of the possible causes

dont use java
try asking one of the mods (such as @Chaboi_3000 or @nick )

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This happens to me sometimes. Sometimes it is just better to remove the comments after reading them. They can occasionally cause errors in your code, but it is just something that happens. I think that #bugs might be a better thread for this topic tho.

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I see nothing wrong with the code, must be a bug-

Maybe switch to Javascript to complete it then switch back.

I think what happened is that function is a wrong inputl; when I hover over the word it says nothing.
So imma change it up, and remove the function and just input the code

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I have got that same issue.
To go forward with levels I had to switch to Python.

The other what is possible, is to delete function and write code without it. However, with every next level using of function is more complicated, so that trick is not so sufficient.

Please keep in touch, if will find proper solution, not waivers like above.

BTW. Maybe topic shall be moved to bugs?

The java language is experimental so its not perfect. Maybe that sometimes it glitches since its not perfected i guess.(@staff pls correct me if im wrong)

P.S I have the same problem with HTML and java script. Maybe cause i use python alot?

Hello All!
I have already checked Village Warder level. Issue has been fixed and it is possible to pass the level using Java.

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Good to hear. One of our engineers, alongside @Chaboi_3000, just put a lot of work into fixing some of the Java issues. It’s not perfect yet, but many more levels are playable than before!


praise nick (20 chars)

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