Ogres of Hanoi : Ho my god!


Is it me or this level is very difficult ?
I finally find a solution, but I spend a lot of time turning around.
Maybe I miss something, but I have to :

  • Store all the movements in a table to replay them, because you can’t call this.say in the recursive call directly.
  • Simulate the movement you made, because you have no feedback of the moves you request
  • Look at my code endlessly (internal loop until the call stack error :smile: ), because recursive calls are impossible to debug, and it never works for the first time.

For me, you can put 4 stars. I find it more difficult than the bubble sort camp for example.
(I did not test yet the cluster wars, but I’m afraid I can lost my mind)

For these levels, is there a way to contact the author to discuss about it ?

@Darredevil some feedback for ya.

Thanks Nick. May I could suggest that there is somewhere in the level a link like : contact the author (if he’s agree)

I’ve been summoned by the power of the @. @Vettax how can i help you?


Nick’s spell works great to call the writter deamon!

As I said, Ogres of Hanoi is not an easy level. But maybe it’s nothing compared to K means :blush:
If you want more feedback about the first one, we can discuss.
I think I will contact you in private about the second. I tried it, but, hum, in fact… not sure yet what I did, even if I get a success once just by chance.