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Okar too slow - Javascript: Lost in the stacks

Web Development 2 - Javascript: Lost in the stacks

I skipped over the web development levels and I’m now circling back. I happened to have Okar picked when starting the level and couldn’t pass, I’d run out of time. When I switched heroes I had no problem. Just to make the focus on the code, could the time frame be increased to account for the lumbering giant?

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That sounds like a good idea. I’ve had trouble doing challnge levels because Okar is too slow.

Proper hero selection is as important as proper equipment selection. If speed is a critical factor, then Okar is a bad choice. If high damage is required then you wouldn’t use Pender.

I understand that proper hero selection is important. I guess the goals are unclear then.
There are two goals:

  • Move around the room

  • Under 6 statements

Okar made it around the room 1.6 times, so I’m not sure why it isn’t counted as complete. It looks like you need to get around at least twice before it will count.

I would use Pender for that. She has the highest speed out of all of the characters. Although, her damage is very low. If you’re looking for a good balance of speed, damage, and health, I would use Amara Arrowhead. She has good balanced out stats.

Pender actually has the highest damage of all the wizards. If your looking (and a sub) for a good balance, I recommend Naria or Ritic.