One thing that I need to talk about to the community

This is what the Americans are doing to Asians

And Americans done almost nothing to stop it
Because of this, I am taking this seriously and not a joke, neverless a discrimination. This happened in the early times of COVID. People called Chinese who are living in America, a virus, shot Chinese people. Now it’s happening all over again. Government has done almost nothing, only a few charges. The only people standing up for us is people on the internet. And even so, there are still hate crimes, hate comments, hate messages. I’m not afraid of being Chinese. I’m not embarrased about my race. I want to stop anyone and everyone who thinks Chinese is (other word for poop). I need to do that cause thats what litterally some people think.

One year before, shootings at Chinese people
One year after, shootings at Asians

I see no difference

I apologize for my raging previously. I feel like I need to get this out there. I am Chinese. I am not scared to be a Chinese person. I am not embarrassed to be a Chinese person. This is why I take all COVID-19 things very seriously. This is not a joke. Please, I don’t want to see or talk about more COVID related things whether it is a joke that y’all think is funny. It is not.

Anyone can mute me or suspend me if you feel the need to. But please leave this topic.


I agree with you about the fact that Covid isn’t all of China’s fault and that it isn’t a joke

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I agree too. But Lydia, Chinese aren’t the only ones being discriminated. Many are. Our whole world is very corrupt and was from the beginning when the first people sinned. And everyone has to have consequences. Everyone.


Yes. This also go for Black People. But the matter I am addressing here is joking about COVID or jokes about Asians. Or discrimination against Asians


Well, now I think we all realize that this isn’t a laughing matter, and I’d like to apologize for everyone if we did anything hurtful. I’ll be much more careful in the future about what I say to anyone.


am asian 100% agree with you

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Once our Spanish pastor was at Wal-Mart and a old man came up to him and said, “Do you have your green card?” Now know that our Spanish pastor was born in the U.S.A. and he just prayed for the man that called him that. With that out of the way I suggest we pray that people will stop doing this. Do you agree @CocoCharlie @enPointe77 @Lydia_Song @cheddarcheese and other Christians?


one thing: I agree. But Im not sure whether we really need to make a huge topic about this. We all know that China started COVID, but its not like they did it on purpose, like @Lydia_Song said. I think someone might need to close this topic, just because no one wants to start a fight with anyone here, do they. And it is most likely going to happen. Maybe, if you can @Lydia_Song recategorize it to Lounge? Im not sure. Just make sure that everyone is not going to get hurt with what you are about to post, dont type in Caps lock etc. Read carefully the text that you are writing and everything will be fine. Recently @Anonym messaged me saying: “Is there anything wrong with this MOTD?” (that is for Nitro Type) And I found that really good.

Thats all, make sure to keep this comunity safe everyone!
:heart: @JoPro_8000

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I agree completely.
Matthew 5:44
But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,


Now you’ve got your message out, I’l just shut this topic. Everyone will still be able to read your post.
Hate crimes against Asians are very serious, and I hope they will stop.

However, this is a huge generalisation. It would be much more accurate to say “This is what a very very small amount of Americans are doing to Asians”. It is by no means “Americans” generally.
I think we can say Covid came from China, but of course that doesn’t mean they created it. In fact, that seems unlikely.
I understand you defending China, but I think it’s important to remember that the country is a dictatorship, the state suppresses free speech and also does horrible things to Uighurs.
That, of course, should have no relation to Asian people in the US, or even in China, you should leave them alone, but I’m just saying that criticising China as a country is perfectly valid, just look at the above reasons.
Anyway, enough politics. Let’s leave this issue alone.