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Option to disable new chat window?

Would be nice to have an option to disable it, especially considering it covers the settings icon.

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Can you be more specific

dude he is talking about the little chat button that covers the settings in CoCo

Oh so I think they will keep it because instead of support getting emails they can chat right there really easily.

No they will probably move it to another part of the screen :3

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But where… To be Continued

They will probably move it to the left corner. Just right above the gems. :3

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Hmm but that would cover were you click on your name a see your user settings.

Then they will keep it next to your name.

yeah :3 *woof *


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Yeah, are the mods working on that @Chaboi_3000 ?
It’s sooo annoying.

I’m not asking for them to remove it, just to add an option to remove it for those of us who will never use that feature. It’s a bit of an eye sore/distraction, at least for me.

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Just wanted to update that showing this chat for non-teachers was unintended. A push will be made soon to change it so only teachers will see this menu.


Thank you @Chaboi_3000 !