P l e a s e h e l p m e . . . + (surprise)

ok, can one of the mods help me? after about 30 minutes in a match, i get randomly teleported to some random link i don’t know that shows me their code, SURPRISE IS HERE! i’m probably getting suspended, i saw this from peter

so, bye guys i guess, unless a mod visits this soon, you guys could say bye!!!
this isn’t even a hack, its not my problem, is this intentional? ok, i’m very sorry for ping, @Chaboi_3000?
P.S : peter, what post did you even flag?

if you do get baned than BYE hope you don’t get baned

Thanks, and bye for now i guess

Bye for now :frowning:

can you give me a link (i promise i am not tying to steal code or get exploits i just want to be given proof that you are not lying)

and send it in a pm so other people can’t steal peters code

And did you get demoted? It seems you are back to member instead of regular…

yea, thats why i feel like im getting banned soon

I am so sorry, I hope you don’t get banned… The discourse needs you…

Hi, I flagged you because you didn’t sound like it was a mistake, mistakes don’t happen twice.

I don’t think that you stole AI’s code by mistake.
But then you legit posted the code of the 1st place, using the database link:

That’s why I am sure you purposely did that.

This thing is definitely not intentional, it’s actually really strange that the database is open (you can access personal information of all accounts through it)

Also, Nalfar, I hope you didn’t show him the link because that’s definitely not something you should do in such case.

Anyway, I don’t think you will get banned because Moderators are quite inactive rn but I do hope that CodeCombat will try to solve this problem.


He didn’t share it with me I promise

i doubt you “accidentally” got there by “accidentally” “waiting for 30 minutes”

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i open dueling grounds, then go to somewhere else, but the dueling grounds tab is still opened after a while it turns into the other thing


:billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap: i doubt thats what happened if it “Accidentally” happened twice. im with peter right now. sorry


he isnt aruging with me,