Hacked by \/ 15chars


anybody help me

I thought they banned that guy

I know something that may help. Here is some code I constructed to get around the hacking. When I played against V, they made me summon an artillery unit before I summoned any units in my code. From there I figured out that if I could detect an artillery unit on my side before I had summoned anything, that meant that I had been hacked.

# Defeat the enemy hero in two minutes.

run = 0
hacked = False

while True:
    if hero.time <= 1:
    if len(hero.findFriends()) > 0 and run == 0:
        hacked = True
    if hacked:
    # Insert your normal code here
    if run == 0:
        run += 1

def antiHackerCode():
    for friend in hero.findFriends():
        hero.command(friend, "attack", friend.findNearest(hero.findEnemies()))

Who is the “\ /” guy, and what does he do?

He hacks you in almost every mutiplayer.

Basicly its like this:

eh = findEnemyHero()#find enemy hero
if eh:
    eh.say("I'm hacked")
    eh.cast("fear", eh)
    #etc. just like this

Pls dont use this code, its just telling you

Should we ping one of the staff to remove this bug?

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Yes, maybe
20chars go away

@admins can you fix this also sorry for the mass ping

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so its telling me that i can not metion group admins so i am just going to ping @nick and @Bryukh wonce again sory for pinging but this seems like a mater that nneds to be resolved

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@Chaboi_3000 can you help us?

The hacking script should be removed now. Although next time, I kindly ask you to not ping so many people.


Sorry (burn 20 chars)

And this doesnt looks like turnaround does: