People not giving me solutions

how come no one gives me solutions when i clearly helped then

and he put his own post as the solution

same here, and im not getting solutions and they are

IDK maybe since they need help they not very good at coco

huh? wdym by that im not saying why they need help im saying that even after i help them they give the solution to them selves

ohhhhhh ok prob cuz they just don’t understand that they should give it to the person that helped them

i only have 1 solution

not to be rude but it is not that big of a deal it is just a number

umm you can get badges and trust level promotions based on ur solutions

not trust level promotions and badges don’t really matter

It’s really okay. It’s not degrading or hurting you, especially since anyone who sees the topic clearly sees you’re the one who helped.
(And solutions don’t give you a better trust lvl)

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I can’t even go furhter anymore.