Philosophy but painful

Every word in every language started out as gibberish until one person convinced enough people that what they said was a real word.

every person has probably eaten a potato :potato:

Is a weak password more secure than a strong one because a hacker would guess the weak password last?

correct horse battery staple

If I was a hacker I’d go for the easier ones first tbh

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You could do that. I was aiming more towards meaning the weak, unexpected passwords.

if dinosuars are related to chicken and chicken are made into dino nuggies dino nuggets are the circle of life

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When you paint a room it gets slightly smaller.
Waffles are pancakes with abs.
If you punch yourself and it hurts are you strong or weak?
The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue.
Every time we go to sleep we trust that our body will keep working and we don’t die.

don’t let the intrusive thoughts win. don’t lick the mirror don’t lick the mirror don’t lick the mirror

*The school janitor that cleans the mirror with the mop with toilet water :laughing:

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