Math but painful

Hmmm, there is ‘Philosophy but painful’, so why not math :]

Post weird math statements that are technically correct

SIX - S = 9, so S must be -3
…except if you do -3IX - -3 it becomes -3IX + 3 which equals -24… hmm

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There is a math topic already, so I’m not sure about this. @Chaboi_3000, should this be merged or is it fine?

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    Console.WriteLine('Rock, Paper, Scissors');
    string userChoice = Console.ReadLine();
    Random rnd = new Random();
    int compChoice = rnd.Next(1, 4);
            Console.WriteLine('USER WINS');
        }else if(userChoice=='scissors'){

That’s pretty much the extent of the math I used in my code, overall, without creating like a basic calculator. :person_shrugging:

I really should implement more math, and the fact that i dont is slightly painful.

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0/0 is equal to every number.

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Any point can be taken to any point by a 180 degree rotation.

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Hmmmm (20 chars is also confused)

Everyone in my school are always talking about how math is the most painful and hard subject, so I can relate to all of this.