Picture not showing up

Don’t need it, but this looks like a bug:
blank1 blank2

That is probably just a glitch. Reload the page and you should see it again.

No, I turned it off, and later turned it on, multiple times. I think this was happening yesterday if not the day before too.

@CocoCharlie can you try clearing your browser cache? It might just be that the local cache is corrupted.

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Didn’t work… :confused:

I think i have a fairly slow computer though.

What browser are you using?
Additionally, are there any notable errors in the JS console?

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I’m using Mozilla fire fox.
and google. not sure how that works exactly.

Can’t reproduce. Must be a client-side problem.

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Ok (20000000000chars)

It’s fine, i don’t even use it.

This happens to me it is a Wi-Fi issue probably due to so many people using it. Try waiting it out then it should be good to go.

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