Self development problem

I hvae clone the codecombat’s code from github, and I have started it. but I can not visited by chome, does anyone can help me? thanks! the err msg is :Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fn’ of undefined vendor.js:30319

Anyone can help me? thanks!

On hipchat, I got some answers to hopefully, get you further :smile:

Kevin Holland 11:45


“Popey Gilbert” is also someone to ask for help

I have done flowing before , but still error

I have reinstall codecombat success, but these is nothing when I visit the page. How can I download the data of database? I download from is not full, It does not have the level data. Does it not public for everyone?

It should be full; it’s now around 80 MB. It used to be much bigger, but we cut down some unnecessary stuff.