Please explain Match Cord ;-; (python)

i just dont even know where to start with this level. please help sos OvO

# Ogres mined the field to protect their Chieftain.
# But we can use the "domino" effect get our target.
# The scout has prepared the map of the minefield.
# All mines are placed the same distance apart.
# The map is an array of strings, where "x" is a mine and "." is nothing.
# The first row in the array is the row nearest to the hero.

# The map and helpful constants are listed below.
fieldMap = hero.findFriends()[0].getMap()

mine = "x"
empty = "."
mineDistance = 5
firstXPos = 15
firstYPos = 40

# Find which starting mine connects to the ogre Chieftain.

resultColumn = 21 # ∆ Change this to your actual result!

hero.say("I think it's column number: " + resultColumn)
resultX = resultColumn * mineDistance + firstXPos
hero.moveXY(resultX, hero.pos.y)
hero.moveXY(resultX, firstYPos)

someone please help im in class rn and need to finish this ;-;"

Look at all of the mines, and then look at which mine connects to the Chieftain, and make the hero step on it

well i know THAT, but im not sure where to start with it

Just look, I don’t know what else to say…

thanks, that helps a lot =-=

@dedreous @Chaboi_3000 someone please help ;-;

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