Feedback: Match Cord

This level is was creatively made, and I like the idea. However, it can be beaten with the simplest of strategies: Seeing which path leads to the chieftain, and manually moving to the beginning of it. This should be repaired. Also, my hero could not see the chieftain. Is this a bug?


it seems there is a wall in between you and the chieftain to prevent attacks on her (I tried with my boss star to tell the griffin rider to attack her, but i didn’t work :frowning: )

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I agree with @GundericusTheMighty.
I’ve beaten the level by simply submitting the starting code. I’d expect this level to be a bit harder than that.

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The level seemed to work fine for me. I think I was able to see the chieftain, but I wouldn’t consider a hidden chieftain to be a bug since the player should not be allowed to attack her directly. I also encountered the invisible wall.

There was one time where the correct lane in the in the submission was the same as pre-submit. Maybe it was a coincidence.

One way to decrease the chance of getting lucky is to increase the number of starting mines and allow them to start in other lanes.



It’s been a while, but I just looked at this level now. Nice concept, but it has major issues:

  • the minefield seems to be hardcoded, which means that you can simply hardcode the solution too. I guess it’s not intended.

  • if the intended solution is a maze walker algorithm, then the rewards are ridiculously low: 263 xp + 121 gems. The newer maze level (Fragile Maze) gives you 3070 xp + 930 gems – and it can be solved with a simple (~15 lines) algorithm.

There are several maps and it’s chosen randomly. So after submit the map can be different.

I solved it with DFS or flood algorithm. About exp balance it’s better to ask @Serg

So I just got lucky… anyway, the difficulty seems to be similar for both levels, but the rewards are very different.