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Please help me to open those levels

I passed 12 from 22 levels and I can’t go further look at my screen

thx for help

What happens if you go to the level directly?:

I passed the level You showed me and still can’t play next level , now I got 13 passed from 22

Well, I was hoping it would unlock things for you. I can provide you the direct links in a PM. In the meantime, you should send a separate email to, explaining the issue you are seeing. Be sure to let them know that you can access the next level by direct link, but not via the campaign map.

I’m curious, are you writing in Python or JavaScript? Apparently, these levels are essentially repeats if you are in JavaScript

Oh i know , when i was in 13 or 12 i couldn’t go further so my dad payed like 150 dollars to continue. He payed 150 dollars for a lifetime access, I think you have to pay.