Please help me with getting gems

I need help getting gems

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@Chaboi_3000 please help me with getting gems because I’m poor I got like 607

Why dont you just play replayable levels?

i tried but most of my levels are bugged and I did not get gems for them that’s why im poor

what do you mean bugged?

they give me no gems

You have to submit the level not just run it. And they might have requirements like collect 100 coins. If you dont meet the requirements you wont get anything

yeah i sumbitt it five times and still i have never had less then 500 gems

and do bat it you gotta get the goals/requirements

*and to do that you gotta get the requirements/goals

you can simulate games

yeah i tried that 6000 some thing and im still broke to top leauges

But this isn’t replayable level.

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exactly replayable levels are like the brawls and stuff

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i just finished this level

The first time I finished it

cpu fight i won but nothing

dude dont do cavern survival do the brawls