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Please help me with one lvl "Deja Brew"

I tried, but i don’t understand were i have mistake.

It appears to be in a different language, if you could please translate or go to one of the translated sections where people will speak that language, we would be able to help you.

Have fun
48%20AM Click this (top right)

19%20AM Then click this (In the popup menu)

29%20AM And find whichever language it is you have your game set to

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Hi @Nox, welcome to the forum.
The problem here is a translation one. The line “potions of life” should be “potions of health”.
That’s all that’s wrong.
And for future reference please could you post you code, formatted (instructions: How to Post Your Code With Radiant, Harmonious Formatting) so I can copy it down.
You can put it in this category if you’re speaking English at the top, because it’s only the code which really matters.


The reason I needed it to be in english is because I haven’t seen the level yet, and I needed the full context of the level in order to help

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Thank you for your help!

Mod edit: [Please don’t post successful solutions.]