Pointless Robot - speed of Goliath not saving


Hi All, I cannot seem to get off Pointless Robot. I am not certain what I am doing incorrectly, but no matter how I configure the speed of Goliath, the system does not seem to recognize that I have. Looking at Goliath’s properties it seems his maxspeed is 4, which I have observed. Unfortunately, I cannot move up a level until I resolve this. Thank you for any help you can provide.

message : “Goals incomplete configure Goliath’s speed”

game.setPropertyFor("goliath", "speed", 4)

#Entire code  
# In this game, the goliath must survive for 15 seconds.
# Read and follow the directions to spawn obstacles he must avoid.
# Review properties by adjusting his speed.
# Then click PLAY to play the game!

# First, we set up the environment:
# You can spawn borders for some sides and not others:
# "warp" makes the game field wrap around:

# Now you try. Spawn more decorations.
# Now you try. Spawn more decorations.
# Try a different type, like "forest", or "glacier":

# spawnRandomly spawns objects at random coordinates.
# The number tells how many to spawn:
game.spawnRandomly("robobomb", 10)

# You try! Spawn some random cows:
game.spawnRandomly("cow", 10)

# Next, we need a hero, of course:
game.spawnPlayerXY("goliath", 42, 36)

# Let’s review properties.
# This sets properties for the robobombs:
game.setPropertyFor("robobomb", "speed", 5)
game.setPropertyFor("robobomb", "behavior", "Scampers");

# Your turn - set a speed for your "goliath":
game.setPropertyFor("goliath", "speed", 4) 
game.setPropertyFor("goliath", "behavior", "AttacksNearest");
# Finally, we write the goal and the directions:
ui.setText("directions", "Avoid the robobombs for 15 seconds.")
ui.setText("directions", "Use 'WASD' keys, mouse or touchpad to control the hero.")


His code is correct. He got it. There’s a problem with his level. I tried copy/paste the code in the level and it worked. This only updates once you die, or survive. @Jaxlee2018, do you mind trying this out again? And see if it updates after you die? (Or survive)


Thank you Puppet_Chaboi, that is exactly why I posted, whether I die or survive I can’t get off this level due to the fact that it believes I am not giving Goliath a speed. So I can’t be the first person to encounter this bug, how do people bypass this level (or any level for that matter once you feel you have met the code challenge ).


Have you tried changing the goliath speed to something like 19?