Possible pet bug

when clicking the pet.isReady() code in the item list next to your code, instead of showing the use of pet.isReady(), it shows this:

it says hero.isReady(), not pet.isReady().

Hmm, you might think the code would be in the components section, but I can’t find pet.isReady(“ability”) anywhere.
@Chaboi_3000 do you know where this code would be?


maybe it is because I have a mimic pet?

either way, here is a photo of the mimic component.image

also I know for sure that this is truly a line of code:

I think by default pet.isReady is disabled for Mimic because it doesn’t have any ability that has a cooldown like Cougar for example.

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I know, but why is it there then?

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that is no bug it is an example. It is trying to show you what to do

Then the example makes no sense and should be changed. the code snippet does not make use of the function it says it is using.

they use it for every pet so it is not a mistake

You can’t mess up every pet

ok here’s what I mean: the snippet says that the line of code that it says that it will explain is not used in the explanation.

also, there is no item that allows the hero to do a chase function.

True I will see if my pet has it