[Adventurer] Chase Them


Hi! Here is the new level with pets – Chase Them

In this level you will see the Cougar’s unique ability – chase. The pet can chase weak enemies and they forget about anything.


Cool! I love it so much!


Funny seeing the hero say things like “Look! Butterfly!” and “I’m Napoleon!” :joy: lol
A great level. I did notice a couple typos though. The level description says "chase to scary ogres". Should that be “scare”?
Also the hero says “Buterfly” and not “Butterfly”.
Might have missed some typos, but those are just the two that I noticed :wink:


Any hero actions like - hero.wait( 1 ) or hero.move( 0,0 );
Cause error

at the same time hero.say( “something” ) is OK.

Even after two potion hero still under “zzz”

Because of “chase” Cooldown, flow of the level feels wrong
pet chase munchkin - then fetch potion - then fetch second potion - then stands still doing nothing for 5 second and only then chase last munchkin.

Even after 3 days after release of the level after I press continue at the end of level, I finish on worlds map instead of Sarven desert one.

There is clearly should be gold collected leader board but there is nothing.

Great level, especially part of collecting gems and golds.


Yep, it’s ok. The hero is cursed.

Hm, will check, it shoudn’t work.

l[quote=“htrnblr, post:4, topic:11684”]
Even after two potion hero still under “zzz”

Yes, it’s ok.

I used else if to solve this problem, however, thanks, I suppose I can change it a little.

Looks like I forgot to set the campaign.

How are you going to collect gold and gems?


PM you about collecting gold and gems
I don’t want to spoil key feature of the level.


Thanks @htrnblr for the idea. I’ve added the “gold-collected” leaderboard. Yes, it’s tricky.


Pet is chasing enemy even after he is dead.
Pet chased enemy to the fire-trap then enemy is dead and flying through half of the map after explosion but pet continue chasing dead enemy.


I know. I can’t decide it’s a bug or a feature. :slight_smile:


Ok. I decided that chase dead enemies is a bug, and also I fixed that bug (it was conected to the problem with dead enemies)


Thank you. It was really not convenience.


Cooldown for chase is 0.
Why then if enemy and pet.isReady(“chase”) ?


Don’t mix cooldown and specificCooldown


Where can I read about specificCooldown?
Is there equivalent for hero.getCooldown?

Why is this not working?

if enemy and enemy.maxHealth< hero.maxHealth/10:


In the Act component code. getCooldown is general function which return specificCooldown for the action or cooldown is it’s greater.

Could you give more information? It works in my code.




Thanks. I think there is a problem with code blocking. I’ll try to research the problem and fix it.



I have managed to get the pet to chase the ogres and fetch the potion, but the hero doesn’t drink it so the pet remains with the same potion and so the hero doesn’t cure nor the pet picks up new potions.

please help.