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Post picures of funny things that have happened in your game


Just remember to keep it appropriate.



I thought I was going to die of the explosion but I didn’t. I passed the level.

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Sorry for reviving this:

I didn’t edit it. Apparently I’m -1th. Great.
(it’s fixed now, it was just a glitch)
:lion: :lion: :lion:


That’s funny how the negative numbers are above the zero and the positive are below it. Congrats BTW, I saw you were #1 on Dueling Grounds. Nice. I’d love to see your code. Mine’s no big deal. Simple Okar stuff (which is why I’m ranked so far down the list. LOL!)

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Thanks, I do think Senick ( with the gift of the trees and the silver bomb) is the best hero for dueling grounds, or maybe Ritic with the same equipment. But I have half the amount of gems you need to buy him and no levels left… …:cry:

Dueling Grounds - not a fair fight

I managed to get my gem count all the way down to perfectly ☞0.


I’m still hoping there’ll be more levels so I’m saving my :gem:s for later.


We haven’t had a level since last June.


You could always visit my post:


I accidentally created a new thang in the editor, and I can’t revert it!


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I have been simulating games all day for Harrowland multiplayer and the last time I checked, the only person I lost to for one stretch of matches was myself. I have the same code for both sides, but somehow the red side always beats the blue.


Switched simulations to Treasure Grove for a while and when I checked in, all 9 simulations were stuck on one profile.

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@Andrew, any ideas of why this might be happening?


That happens to me as well with some players, I think it’s because they’ve got infinite loops. That’s my guess, but I can’t say for sure.


Cloudrip Siege - Missed it by .5 seconds without writing one line of code on the first level. (Now time) The run seed passed with no problem. So I gambled and actually submitted it and now I’m locked out for 24 hrs.

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LOL. Well, it was worth a shot.