Post your new levels here!


also, how is this game dev 3?


Im not sure try reloading


the brawlers also have the glitch.


It works fine with me



There is a secret map. hehehe :smiling_imp:


you could also beat the level by being at the bottom.


Not really try always doing it at the bottom. Eventually you will get hit by a fence


Almost nobody completed the high ground level. It is really really easy


Turns out that the red thatrin and blue are glitched. humans and ogers. Instead put his team as neutrals or human or ogre not humans or ogres those are glitched out


Actually only the neutral and made up teams are working. Other ones will make him go glitchy


changed the villan one to this


doesn’t do anything…


Guys, I got a new level for y’all! :smile:

You have a catapult. Use it to push the warlock through the maze. You have 5 minutes. Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:


I easily beat it. I didn’t have to code at all @SuperSmacker


How? Tell me how. ???


The catapoult automaticly attacked him. I just sat there


Level fixed. The catapult won’t kill him unless the hero gives him directions.


Well it did…I’m not sure


how do I do this level/