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Prodigy stuff topic

Talk about prodigy here

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Prodigy’s new logo sucks. And it’s getting better, while getting worse.

They need to update more. I’ve practically run out of things to do, apart from the arena(sometimes), and events.

I don’t play prodagy

I don’t play anymore Prodigy anymore.

I never played it before what is it

It is a math game that personally I think used to be good before the new updates came out.

so that is why everyone is so angry

Yeah, plus I have nothing more to do except get to maximum level. They are not going to update the next thing soon.

Okay thanks @abc for clearing things up

have you done the academy earth tower?

I have, I am waiting for the other crystals.

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same. I’m lvl 99. what’s yours

I think level 95 or 96, I don’t know. What’s your name in Prodigy, mine is Brayden Battlewinner (I am pretty sure that is what it is, it’s been like 6 months since I played).

I feel like they should just delete all the other updates besides the academy tower and just go back to the old Prodigy. When I went back to Prodigy, I thought it is going to be so fun! I’m going to evolve all the cool pets! Turns out, I can’t even evolve my pet.

Leo Forgethinker. BTW: a few weeks ago, they sent out a message to everyone, allowing you to change your name once.(completely free).

how do you get to old prodigy?

I played old prodigy, because that’s when I started. Also only members can evolve pets, and I am not a member. My pets are way stronger then me.

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When can you play today at the arena, I want to see if I battle you by luck. Also tell me in eastern time.

I dunno. I don’t play often, but I could meet you on the server combax, in lamplight town, at 12:10. meet me in lamplight town square.