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Q: Floor "Thangs" not the right default size - should they be fixed?


I noticed while learning to create levels that “non-tile” floors like “Cupboards of Kgard background” when placed in a new level the original size and visual dimensions are off.

It starts as width: 20m height: 17m and a visual size that is larger than 80x64

In the actual level the background floor gets set at: 80m x 64m with a scaling factor 0.565 instead of 1.

Shouldn’t the floor Thangs have their “in use” sizes set as the defaults so that things in the game are allowed to be linear? This “Thang” could not be properly used unless it was edited after placement. And it took me a while to understand what was going on.


You can adjust camera bounds for the required proportions. Also some of thangs are old or were made for the specific level with specific camera behaviour.


I guess I was asking if they should be updated so that they work well out of the box with the current settings?


I think we should summon @Catsync . She knows everything about the artisan things.


Maka has been adding those custom backgrounds for the dungeon levels. I’ll ping him about it.


It was a while ago now, but this was one of the first backgrounds I added and I may not have followed best practices. The answer is probably yes, I should have it so it is the correct scale so that if someone else wanted to use the same background they could do so.


@Bryukh Thank you for all the help so far.

@Catsync @maka First of all, thank you for taking the time to respond.

So then the question would be:

Q1: If I updated each floor Thang to follow the dimensions that exist currently would that be helpful?


Q2: Also, now that I have your attention, what about creating new Thangs? How should one go about doing that?