Question about Programming Languages

So I have a question regarding some of the programming languages you can learn using CodeCombat. I know JavaScript is the language of the web and that is the one I am primarily learning for Web Development and HTML5 VideoGames. And Python well since you can use Flask and Django for web development too\ but can also be used for data scientists and other things. How ever what are LUA and CoffeeScript used for?

I read that LUA is a language for game making but is it worth learning it over something like C++ or C# which are the go to languages for game development used in game engines like Unity and Unreal? And I read somewhere that CoffeeScript is just a nicer looking JavaScript so what are the benefits are learning these?

And finally will more programming languages be added to CodeCombat? Such as C++ or C#?

Massive games are made using C++, C#, Unity, and Unreal, but before you get to that level, most people start developing games in a more forgiving language, like Lua. Another perk to Lua (at least for some) is that you can use it for scripting for a lot of preexisting games,such as Roblox or Gary’s Mod.

CoffeeScript is just a faster form of Javascript. It just means that you can type it faster and it’s easier for other people to understand your code. This can be extremely important when you’re writing hundreds of lines of code, but probably not that necessary for you at this point.

The developers said that Java programming will be added soon. Java (at least in my experience) is more like C++ than like Python or Javascript. It’s a simple, easy to learn syntax and is a language that isn’t as web-based as languages like Javascript.

I’m learning JavaScript at the moment because I want to make browser based games using but I’ll have a look at LUA and if Java gets added that’ll be great.