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r/learnpython - Wanting to improve my python skills

Hi there!

I’ve spent the last year (in between working through my last year of school and building websites) working on learning Python and increasing my skillset for when I end up at university. I’ve already got experience with Unity (C#) and I’ve gone through the basics of Python (variables, loops, functions, object oriented programming, etc).

I’m wanting to take it further and go through some more courses, however I have found that I work well with a “gamified” style like CodeCombat rather than a traditional course (I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which can mean (among other things) that the way I learn things and take knowledge in is often times very different to others). I want to get some advice on what platforms, apps or websites are best for me. I am quite attached to the idea of working with CodeCombat, partly because they offer a gamified course and also because they’re an open-source project, meaning (as I’m sure you know) that I can expand and contribute to the development of the product.

Ultimately, I’m wanting to go into scientific pursuits and use my technological and programming skills to help that field, but I’m also wanting to learn more about software & game engineering (in multiple languages) and machine learning. Earlier this year, I competed in NASA’s Open Source Rover competition, where I worked with a team to contribute to the development of an artificially intelligent rover with collision detection using reinforcement learning through AWS; a large part of that was using Python concepts that I quite often didn’t understand and now that that’s over and I did my part, I want to continue with Python and am just unsure of my next step. I’m currently working on a project that is quite ambitious (and I’m by no means attempting to complete it by myself or quickly), a games community that uses a combination of Django, Pygame/Unity games and the Raspberry Pi (4).

If there’s anyone out there with recommendations about that next step, that would be great!

Hi @Gizmotronn, welcome to the forum!
Have you looked at
It think it gets quite advanced.

Hey @Gizmotronn
I wish I could help but don’t really have any recommendations. It sounds like you’ve done amzing coding work, though! :clap: :clap:

At this stage of programming you’d definitely want to try out There’s some awesome courses as well as job opportunities.

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