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Random things topic


you could use copper ring.


but that would not give you 44 extra health


yep. That will give you extra 50 health.


so for pender it would give 44 health right?


no. (20 characters )


I have a very interesting piece of code you should use in web development.

<a href=""><img src="/file/db/thang.type/529ab1a24b67a988ad000002/portrait.png"></a>

here’s what happens later on if you click on the image and do some things:


Wow that’s so cool! ( 20 chars )


Heh Heh, That’s what you think. :money_mouth_face:
Nah jokes I’ll tell what I use: Embroided Griffin Wool Hat (+290 health) and Embroided Griffin Wool Cloak (+562 health), copper ring, defensive boots ( +125 health -2mps speed ). Although this health will be decreased cuz pender’s weak.


What’s a copper ring?


It’s the tarnished bronze / copper (not sure) ring which gives you an extra 10 % of your health and it’s really cheap.


Oh yeah that. I remember. I thought a copper ring would look orange ish in the accessories menu, and I didn’t find it. :frowning:


Yeah, it’s quite hard to find because it’s really near the top because you unlock it early even though it’s actually good.


add all the health, then divide that by 2.


But if you use pender you cant charm a brawler


right. So don’t charm a brawler.


Wait. If the Pugicorn can charm ogres with health less than one fifth of the hero’s max health, it means that it can charm Warlocks!! (unless you use Pender) That is so overpowered :open_mouth:


doesn’t mean the warlock would use all of it’s powers. It would just attack, so not so overpowered anymore.


But warlocks deal like 50 dps, which is a lot. Use Okar and you could have brawlers/headhunters!(headhunters deal like 100 damage per throw)


What are so special about DPS?


How? 20 chartigles (how is this not 20 char)