Range Finder Cannon shoots straight up

Filing this as a bug because I don’t know what else to do.

Mission is Range Finder in Backwoods Forest. Language: Python

Upon my hero saying “distance2” the cannon shoots straight up in the air and hits the peasant no matter what, failing the mission and preventing me from passing. I have upgraded my glasses to the magical eyes with infinite distance and this makes no difference.

Here is the code:

enemy1 = “Gort”
distance1 = hero.distanceTo(enemy1)

enemy2 = “Smasher”
distance2 = hero.distanceTo(enemy2)

Say the distance2 variable!


enemy4 = “Gorgnub”
distance4 = hero.distanceTo(enemy4)

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It’s not a bug. hero.say("distance2") – your here says exactly this word (distance2) instead a number which is contained in the variable.


thanks for your quick response!. my nightshift mode was on with f.lux and i couldn’t see the syntax highlighting.

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I had the same problem and i did the same thing and now it works thanks

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Please don’t revive dead topics.

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Please, don’t think up rules.